Michael F. Bell

Michael Fitzhugh Bell

The Invisible Crime
Illegal Microchip Implants - Microwave Technology
and Their Use Against Humanity by Michael Fitzhugh Bell


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American Cyborg

Michael Fitzhugh Bell

American Cyborg is the third book in Michael Fitzhugh Bell’s series of Above-Top-Secret Government Programs. Delving further into the dark, unknown reality of Neurological Weapons Technology. The Formula: Money + Power = Control. Bell is under 24/7 Military surveillance/monitoring, illegally placed on the Terror Watch List. Multiple Stealth Helicopters hover from dusk till dawn over his house and property. Trillions of U.S. Taxpayer dollars are believed to be diverted annually funding covert Black Programs controlled by the Globalist Cabal. Remote, wireless Brain Computer Interface is real and proven technology, capable of reading a person’s thoughts and putting data back into the Human Brain in real-time via a Supercomputer. Under the guise of counter-terrorism, millions of unwitting, innocent Citizens are being exploited as Human Experimentation Test Subjects. Let the Reader be forewarned this information is disturbing; although educational to a General Public that remains willfully ignorant of the existence of such atrocities.


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